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Yoga cost is donation. It's good for every BODY. I love to trade too!

Chantelle Hosner is a certified yoga instructor and has completed 200 hours of Teacher Training in Hatha and Vinyasa at the Inspiration Yoga Institute.

Teaching since 2012.

Yoga classes can be customized to fit your needs. We can use yoga to align our chakras, open energy channels, stengthen, lengthen and meditate.

Yoga is defined as a course of mental and physical disciplines in attaining liberation from the material world and union of the self with the supreme being. 

We have many scheduled yoga classes per week. All yoga is by donation! I'm always open to schedule classes and readings. Give me a call and start your journey to inner peace today! 989-525-1990

I love to trade! Direct sales, readings, classes, services. Whatever!

I LOVE YOGA! I have never had such a quiet mind. Yoga teaches us to breath and in our breath we find God. The poses, or asanas, are meant to prepare us for meditation, clear our bodies of toxins and to connect with our breath. We inhale positive energy and exhale negative. Holding the poses helps to quiet our minds and find peace.

The amazing physical aspects teach us to love our bodies as they are, to find and feel our inner strength as we hold the asanas. It tightens and tones our bodies as we stretch and hold. Clears our organs of toxins as we twist and hold.

The sound of om is said to be the name of God and is the vibration of the supreme. It uses all three parts of our mouths and is pronounced aaaaauuuuummmm.

Chantelle's Classes:

Gratitude Yoga is the perfect class for beginners and people with physical restrictions. We use slow movements and basic poses. We use meditation to go into and appreciate our bodies.

Zen Yoga concentrates on deep breathing, longer holds and stretching further. We use beginner poses with intermediate and advanced options. A wonderful way to relax and relieve stress while tightening and toning our bodies.

Hard Core Abs Yoga uses advanced moves. We focus on our cores and stretch between the moves. A tough work out, connecting with your body and pushing past our minds limits. The stretching in between moves seems to keep soreness down. You will notice huge results with dedication to this class.

Chair Yoga. Sometimes it can be hard to get down on the floor, chair yoga addresses this issues. We can stretch and work our way up to larger movements. Perfect for injuries.

Restorative yoga uses props, such as pillows, blocks and straps to help us ease into the poses. Perfect for limited mobility.