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Jan 4, 2020

Posted by Chantelle Hosner on January 27, 2020 at 10:25 AM
It's only Jan 4 2020 is already amazing and full of great changes! We got a new camper, and we love it!! We are loving Florida. And I watched a video and cut and layered my own hair. Loving life and feeling so blessed and happy. I'm reminded that getting upset because the plan didn't go right is crazy. Expectations just mess life up and delay happiness. Because what doesn't work out is always replaced with things you didn't even consider. We often say in God's time but can you imagine how fast He can work when we get out of his way! Namaste my friends let's not waste time being disappointed by what doesn't work out and instead anticipate what will.

Categories: Converstaions with Chantelle

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