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Negativity isn't happening to you.

Posted by Chantelle Hosner on July 18, 2019 at 11:25 AM
Negativity is not something that's happening around you, it's a reaction inside of you to circumstances which you have labeled as negative. The universal law of attraction does not label situations and feelings as either negative or positive: it simply responds to what you send out. Once we see and label negativity in a person or circumstance, it's all we see. Which snowballs into seeing more and more negative. But, luckily, all of this works just as well with our positive labels. We do not get what we want, we get what we talk about, what we think about and opportunities to keep the feelings we feed alive. And this is exactly why we see "bad" people do well. For one, we seem to think of money as a reward but studies have proven an income of 70,000.00 makes people happier anything above that does not improve happiness. These people are not being rewarded with money, they have it but it doesn't bring them real joy, it just brings more greed. They are simply attracting it due to behaviors and ideas, thoughts and vibrations, we could all attract it but we aren't all willing to do the things necessary to get it. We can cut negativity out of our lives but you'll never do it by cutting out people, there will always be someone or something around that's not positive, peace on the inside brings peace outside and to the situation but it doesn't stop situations from happening. It gives you skills to handle the situation better. The only way to truly cut negative from your life is when you learn to control your labels, and how you let others effect you. When you do this, you have some control over what you attract into your life but you'll always have control over how you let it effect you. Namaste my friends, may you shine your positivity so strong you change the vibration of the room, and then the world.

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